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EyeTrackShop: Eye Tracking via Web Cam

This is a great advancement in the eye tracking industry. It used to be that when you wanted eye tracking accomplished, you used to have to pay outrageous sums of money to those agencies with the equipment and personnel to accomplish the project.

What is Eye Tracking?

Eye tracking technology measures exactly where your customers look. This enables you to see straight away whether or not your communication is working. In the past you had to rely on educated guesses or advanced laboratory studies that took a long time, but now we have made eye tracking available in a completely new, simple, quick and cost-effective way. EyeTrackShop

EyeTrackShop’s results are presented in standardized reports, including the time it took the viewer to fixate on the object, how long they stayed on the object, and an overall heatmap of where they focused their attention. Eye tracking is a useful technology for optimizing landing pages and advertisements – ensuring that the focus of the viewer is placed exactly where you want it to be. It’s been out of reach for everyday testing, though, because of the costs involved.

There are some advantages to this for both agencies and for advertisers:

  • EyeTrackShop’s unique eye tracking technology for webcams allows you to carry out a study on several markets at the same time.
  • EyeTrackShop can test against unlimited large-scale panels.
  • EyeTrackShop tests are carried out in the home, the results are consistent with natural use.
  • EyeTrackShop can obtain results within a few days.
  • EyeTrackShop is cost-effective – a cost level that helps you increase your ROI, even for small projects.
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    Brilliant. Eyetrackshop will help companies test packaging, ads, webpages etc when in the past they could not afford too. Big breakthrough in market research.