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EyeQuant is a predictive eye-tracking model that specifically looks at what users see on a page within the first 3-5 seconds. The idea is simple: within 5 seconds a user should be able to see who you are, what your value proposition is, and what to do next. EyeQuant allows for optimizing the design of a page to ensure this is the case.

Here are the free results of our EyeQuant demo… I’m quite happy with where the attention is being placed on our home page!

What separates EyeQuant from other services is the fact that it just takes a few minutes to get the results. The results also come in 3 different maps:

  • The attention map shows which areas of your screenshot garner the most, medium or least attention, respectively. Particularly eye-catching areas are colored in a rich red, average areas are marked yellow, the weakest areas of your screenshot will show up in green to blue. Transparent areas generate no attention at all.
  • The perception map provides the quickest overview of your web page’s attentional thrust: it shows at a glance what users will perceive in the first 3 seconds of their visit. Based on a calculation of the highest visual acuity and an average distance from the screen, the transparent areas of the perception map are the ones your users will see within this crucial orientation phase.
  • The Regions of Interest feature provides EyeQuant’s most detailed results. It enables you to define 10 regions on your screenshot, for which EyeQuant will calculate a percentage value, e. g. +45% or -23%. The value indicates how much more (or less) salient an area is compared to the screenshot’s average.

Costs of the service is good, with 5 Analyses for $199/mo US or 50 for $449. There’s also enterprise pricing available and the interface is available in both German and English. EyeQuant also has an API and reseller package available!

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    EyeQuant co-founder here. Thanks for the shout out Douglas! This is just the beginning and EyeQuant has a *lot of* really cool stuff in the pipe for 2012.  If you or any of your readers have any questions or feedback, I’d love to hear from you via fabian at eyequant dot com. 

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