How Your Eyes Move on a Website

eyes website

For creatives, I’m sure there’s someone inside screaming at them to be different and avoid building a website that looks and acts like everyone else. From a marketing perspective, though, we’ve educated our visitors over a decade now as to what to expect on a website and how to navigate one effectively. As a user, there’s nothing quite as frustrating as trying to find the contact information, click back to the home page, or scan the page easily when it’s not designed according to modern norms.

In the infographic below, Singlegrain teamed up with Crazy Egg to present useful information on eye tracking that can help you improve user experience on your website.

Responsive design has added to this complexity – ensuring that designers properly size graphics for every viewport and provide interactions that are just a thumb press away! That requires some well thought out pages that are simple to scroll, find what you need, and read and retain it.

Your designer may be tempted to do something quite different… but don’t be surprised when that impacts bounce rates and conversions as visitors get frustrated and leave!