Facebook Failures

facebook failures infographic

Last week we shared Facebook’s Security infographic that showed the security measures and statistics that Facebook has developed and documented. It’s not all unicorns and rainbows, though! Facebook has had its share of embarrassments and reversals over the years.

There’s no doubt Facebook gets a pass on many of their failures given the fact that they’ve achieved what no other platform has ever achieved. However, WordStream’s Facebook Failures infographic is still pretty fascinating!

facebook failures


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    Facebook also seems to turn a blind eye to the problems other apps create where privacy is concerned. Having an open API is not the same as making privacy a top priority. Privacy issues are going to be the next big thing, and the smart companies out there will take strong measures to help their customers and users identify, protect, and manage their privacy. New laws in Europe enacted to combat privacy abuses will hit our shores, and it is high time. Danny Brown had a very interesting post about Klout and Facebook, worth a read. http://dannybrown.me/2011/10/27/is-klout-using-our-family-to-violate-our-privacy/

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      Hmmmm… I read through the material and guess I still don’t fully understand. If “I” log into Klout, I’m able to see the suggestions, which could include connections I wish to keep private. However, that’s when I’m logged into Klout… not when others view my profile. Am I missing something?


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    As I understand the discussion on his site, the issue with Klout is that the user in question didn’t allow access to his Facebook account, yet his Facebook icon is visible in Klout, and folks can use this to access his private Facebook profile. 

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