6 Strategies that Hotels Are Using to Leverage Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing for Hotels

Facebook marketing is or should be an integral part of any hotel marketing campaign. Killarney Hotels, an operator of hotels in one of Ireland’s top tourist destinations, has put together this infographic about the topic. Side note… how great is it that a hotel company in Ireland sees the benefits of both infographic development and Facebook marketing?

Why? #Facebook is a key factor in 25-34 year olds when it comes to selecting a holiday or vacation destination

The infographic provides a step-by-step for hotels to take advantage of Facebook for their marketing efforts, including:

  1. How to setup a Facebook page for your hotel.
  2. How to target and promote content and advertisements using Facebook Ads.
  3. How to incorporate Facebook Messenger to improve customer experience.
  4. How to engage your audience utilizing real-time video with Facebook Live.
  5. How to widen your reach by promoting Facebook Check-Ins.
  6. How to improve your reputation by encouraging Facebook Reviews.

The Facebook marketing ecosystem truly has all of the tools you need to reach, engage, and grow your audience online. And it’s not just for hotels, I believe these strategies are ideal for any tourist destination!

Facebook Marketing for Hotels



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