Have You Created a Call-To-Action Button on Facebook?

facebook page call to action
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I’ll be honest that we don’t do as much with our agency’s Facebook page as we could be doing. I’m trying to improve that and have been posting more recently. Today I went to our page and noticed a message that I could create a Call-To-Action button directly in the page header.

That’s quite intriguing given that Facebook has typically avoided strategies that drove visitors out of Facebook and back to the company. I always thought I’d have to pay for such a thing! Especially as our page posts seem to be hidden more and more.

If you’re an administrator, you’ll see the option when you navigate to your Facebook page:

Create a Call-to-Action Button on Facebook

The CTA options include providing a URL for both mobile or web to Shop Now, Book Now, Contact Us, Use App, Play Game, Sign Up or Watch Video.

Facebook Page Call To Action Options

The Call To Action is also measured in Facebook’s Insights so you can see how many people are clicking through on your call to action. Setup yours now!

And while you’re at it, be sure to like the Martech Zone Facebook Page!


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    Thanks Doug, but go thru all the steps, and when I get to the end on the Android page. the “Create” button doesn’t do anything, doesn’t finis the setup. Any idea of what to do to get it to finis “creating”? Have tried on 2 different Facebook pages I manage wit same result.

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