Determining Facebook and Twitter ROI

facebook twitter roi

I’m not sure I agree with the title of this infographic from InventHelp since it doesn’t actually educate one on how to determine the literal return on investment. More so, it’s a great infographic that shows where marketers should look for a return on investment by leveraging Facebook and Twitter.

Within the infographic, a method of looking at the change in response before and after the campaign is one means of measuring the ROI… but that’s only accurate given all other strategies are constant. In a world of content marketing, email, mobile, video and tons of other new media, it’s rare that all other mediums will remain constant.

Additional detail that would have been beneficial is fully leveraging event and campaign data and distributing shortened URLs that could be fully tracked through to a conversion. While there are other benefits of social media like branding, customer service, research and word of mouth… at minimum a company should be trying to track the transactions directly attained through people clicking on distributed links that drive them back to a conversion.

facebook twitter roiSM

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