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    I’ve no idea how you can say any of this page is readable? I had to scroll halfway down for something to read and then it wasn’t worth it. If you think a 3/4 page sidebar of brightly coloured buttons and a pop up that keeps annoying me is business marketing, then you’ve lost it. I’ve only bothered writing this to share something with you, as you have with me. And that is CUT to the CHASE. I maybe old school and website technology is certainly moving at pace. But surely marketing is still about building business contacts and garnering information on your rivals? Wouldn’t surprise me if the majority of your readership are colourblind. I’m certainly going that way.

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      Thanks for the feedback, Steve. We supply the content here at no cost to you and our readership is up double-digits for several years. I’m more inclined to continue working in the direction of our fans, our advertisers, and our sponsors. Best wishes.

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