Filestage: Streamline Your Video Annotation and Review Process

filestage notebook

We’ve been working on an explainer video the last couple weeks, and it’s been going extremely well even though it’s bringing together five groups of talent – the client, the script writer, the illustrator, the animator, and the voice over talent. Those are a lot of moving parts!

Most of the process is handed off from one resource to another as we move through the process so that it can get complicated. Between private, password-protected Vimeo publishing, emails, and a project management system, we’re bouncing around and methodically completing the project.

On our next project, we may just sign up for Filestage! Filestage is an online video annotation and review tool. It’s the easiest way to share, review and approve media content with your clients and co-workers. Filestage supports videos, designs, layouts, images and documents. All the client’s data is stored and securely hosted online.


As you can see from the video, the platform is both responsive and extremely easy to use. Best of all, it’s simple to annotate videos at both the frame time and the actual location onscreen. Filestage is just ramping up so it’s free to use until the end of the year. Sign up and give it a shot! (Get it?)


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