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Today mBlast launched a new, free version of their mPACT solution. mPACT was designed from the ground up to help users find the influential voices having an impact on their market by the things they are saying in blogs, online articles, Twitter, Facebook and other online outlets.

At mBLAST, we believe the only way to measure the influence of a voice is by looking at the topics and keywords that voice is writing about. Most Influencer-identification tools on the market ignore this entirely, and assign generic Influencer scores to people without any consideration to what they are talking about or how influential they are on the topics the market cares about. It’s only by finding influential voices actually writing on the topics that matter to our audience that we can really start to use these influential voices to help accomplish our specific marketing objectives. Gary Lee, CEO

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I could not agree with Gary more! Authority and expertise has a hierarchy that doesn't begin with the person, but with the topic. Too many of the systems nowadays measure influence at a personal level rather than a topical level – making it nearly impossible to identify the true authorities. mBlast appears to have really tapped into a great algorithm that should be useful for marketers to target industry leaders.

Utilizing a system like mPACT Pro, a public relations firm or marketing agency could identify prospective influencers and approach them for targeted opportunities that are relevant to their audience. For instance, I may wish to promote an event – simply put a keyword into the system and produce a list of writers, bloggers, and social media pundits who would want to write about such an event!

We'll be exploring the mBlast system further!


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    This is a great idea. I’ll be really interested in what you discover. It sounds like you really stand behind the premise of this idea. How do you stand on Klout now that it’s been around for awhile? Like it or hate it?

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      Hi Brandon,

      I have always appreciated the direction that Klout is taking the industry but it really troubled me that there was no context to the rankings. As a result, I’ve been singled out by some of the companies that Klout has worked with to generate ‘buzz’. One of them was a television show – they actually sent me a jacket and a custom link to preview the show. Problem is… I don’t watch TV outside of documentaries and news. So – the influence may have been there, but not the relevance. mBlast really seems to be reversing the mechanism – which I really love.


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