ASLP? This acronym’s days are numbered!

This is quite possibly the coolest and useful implementations of Web 2.0 and GIS (Geographic Information Systems) I have seen in quite some time. Todd Baker, a UI developer I work with, showed me RadiusIM today. What an incredible application, solving the simplest of problems, the anonymity of chatting on the web. ASLP? (Age, Sex, Location, Photo in chat lingo) can all be answered with this one simple browser-based application!

Age, Sex, Location, Photo – all in the same Web 2.0 application!

The app merges your IM (Instant Messaging) and video conferencing with a Map. As you zoom in and out, folks are dropped in or dropped out of your conversations. Brilliant!

The app is only “alpha” right now (that’s pre-beta for you non-techies. That means it may be unstable), but since it doesn’t require any downloads, who cares?! And you can drag all the windows around, too!

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