Have you Been Stumbled Upon?

StumbleUponIf you've been a reader here for a while, you know that I'm in love with StumbleUpon. My blog continues to get a high number of visitors via Stumbleupon.

As a general rule, folks don't like you to self-promote your own pages on sites like StumbleUpon. I have submitted my own posts in the past – but rarely. If I thought the post was controversial or could gain a lot of attention for its impact, I might Stumble it myself. Otherwise, I just hope that others will like the page and give it a thumbs up.

That said, there's nothing wrong with going back and giving a thumbs up for pages that others have already Stumbled Upon within your website. If you try searching for your domain or website within StumbleUpon, you'll find their search is pretty pitiful and limited to the tags that users fill in.

Side note: If I were StumbleUpon, I would totally implement Google Custom Search as a revenue source.

Using Google, though, you can easily find which of your site's pages have been Stumbled so you can throw an extra vote in! For my blog, I just search for:

site:stumbleupon.com martech.zone

This provides me with a list of my pages that others have Stumbled so that I can tack on another vote. Self-serving? Perhaps – but I lean in the direction that its okay because someone else has already deemed the post worthy of Stumbling.

If you're on StumbleUpon, be sure to add me as a friend.


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    Thanks for this post. I had tried doing this before but didn’t get the Google syntax right or something. And you’re right; StumbleUpon should improve their search capabilities. I think it would also be great if StumbleUpon would let you claim your own blogs so that you could subscribe to an update any time someone Stumbled one of your own sites.

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    Google did not detect all the pages on my site that were submitted to SU.

    Like you, I strongly believe in SU as it contributes the maximum amount of traffic to my blog.

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    I just signed up for an account because everyone says its such a great way to drive traffic. I was navigating through my profile and am having trouble getting started, seems a little confusing. Do you recommend any guides to check out and read to best get started and learn how to operate it?

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      To really take advantage of StumbleUpon, be sure to drop in there and use it a few times a week to grade sites that you stumble upon. Once you build up a good profile, I believe your impact will improve. Don't just stumble your own sites, though! That will largely be ignored.


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