Tip: How to Find Similar Vector Images In Your Stock Photo Site With Google Image Search

Google Image Search Vectors Stock Photo

Organizations often utilize vector files that are licensed and available through stock photo sites. The challenge comes when they want to update other collateral within an organization to match the styling and branding associated with previously released iconography or symbols.

At times, this could be due to turnover as well… sometimes new designers or agency resources take over content and design efforts with an organization. This recently happened with us as we took over working for a company and assisting them in building out content.

Use Google Image Search To Find Similar Vectors in a Stock Photo Site

The trick I would like to share with everyone is to use Google Image search. Google image search enables you to upload an image and responds with similar images across the web. One shortcut, though, is that you can actually search a specific site… like a stock photo site.

I’ve been an affiliate and long-time customer of Depositphotos. They have an incredible selection of images, vector files (EPS), and videos on their site with some exceptional pricing and licensing. Here’s how I use Google Image Search to find additional vectors on their site that match the same styling.

For the example above, I need to export my vector image to a png or jpg format to upload on Google Image Search:

Sample Vector Image

How to Search A Stock Photo Site for Similar Vectors

  1. The first step is to use Google Image Search. The link for this is in the top right corner of Google’s home page.

Google - Navigation to Google Image Search

  1. Google Image Search provides an upload icon where you can upload the sample image that you wish to search for.

Google Image Search - Upload Image

  1. Google Image Search provides an upload icon where you can upload the sample image that you wish to search for. There’s also an option to paste an image URL if you know where the image resides on your site.

Choose File on Google Image Search

  1. Now the Google Image Search Results Page will provide the image. It may also include metadata terms that are embedded in the image file.

Google Image Search With Uploaded Image

  1. Here’s where the trick is… you can add a search parameter to just search within a single website using the following syntax:


  1. Optionally, you can also add other terms if you like, but I typically don’t when searching for vectors so that I can find entire libraries of similar vectors to download and use.
  2. The Google Image Search Results Page comes up with a selection of results that are similar to the original image. You can often find the original vector within the results as well!

Google Image Search Vector Images

Now I can just browse Depositphotos from these results, find the images or libraries that are similar, and use them for the additional designs that we’re creating for the client!

Disclosure: I’m using my affiliate link for Depositphotos in this article.

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