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Find Your Influence

Influencer marketing connects brands with the powerful voices of digital content creators. These connections spark authentic conversations around a brand message, leveraging the creator’s loyal and engaged following across social media channels, while driving awareness and engagement.

This creates word-of-mouth awareness to your target demographic, directly through the social media channels where they spend all their time. At Find Your Influence, we help you find the right voices for your brand and let them get to work spreading your message.

Find Your Influence

The Find Your Influence (FYI) influencer marketing platform allows brands to identify influencers, launch campaigns, track performance and report results. It’s an all-in-one influencer marketing solution that can help PR and marketing pros get their clients in touch with the best influencers for their particular brand. 

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FYI’s latest platform includes robust search capabilities, including age, location, engagement, social reach, industry categories, gender and ethnicity. Additionally, the FYI platform enhancements allow brands to search for influencers by keywords within their content. This means brands can search for a keyword that may be specific to their brand and influencers within the FYI network who have used those keywords, or related terms, on a social media platform, or within their blog, will surface. 

The enhancements introduced in this version were informed by six years of data, combined with user feedback, and really accelerate the influencer search process. Brands know the types of influencers and audience demographics they want to target and we’ve improved the process to remove all complexities and serve them most expeditiously.

Cristine Vieira, President and co-founder of Find Your Influence

And if your marketing team is too busy or doesn’t have the experience of working with influencers, FYI has an optional service to apply their team of veteran marketers to execute for you. And, their results are guaranteed.

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About Find Your Influence (FYI)

Founded in 2013, Find Your Influence is the leading SaaS-based influencer marketing solution built by marketers for marketers. Relied on by many of the top brands across the United States, FYI leverages proprietary technology for discovering influencers, managing campaigns and tracking metrics.  In an ever-evolving digital marketplace, FYI manages relationships with brands and pairs them with the right influencers to deliver guaranteed results. FYI is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona and is led by co-founders Jamie Reardon and Cristine Vieira.

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