Firefox Flash Hack… Download Justin Timberlake’s New Song

Justin Timberlake

This is an interesting from my good friend, Bill Dawson. Using Mozilla, go to Justin Timberlake’s Website.

You can see and play his new song on the site, Sexy Back.

Type in about:cache in the Address Bar and you’ll see all of the files that the page references. Unfortunately for Justin, his Flash developers lead us directly to the file to download… very well disguised I must say!

Search the page for .mp3


I wonder how many other sites are so dumb.

PS: I’m not a Justin Timberlake fan.


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    Seems like the folks over at have a sense of humor. I just grabbed track 2, sexyback, using the above method. 192kb/s mp3, quality recording of the popstars latest little club ditty.

    Here’s what’s in the mp3 file’s ID3 info:

    Title: Don’t Download This Song
    Artist: Weird Al Yankovic
    Album Striaght Outta Lynwood
    Year: 2006


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    That is funny! It’s still dumb that they’re putting out there for everyone to find, though. Flash has some great multimedia features that could be implemented to stream the MP3 and not reference it directly like this.

    If it were you or me, we’d be looking for attorneys to defend ourselves from the RIAA right now!

    Thanks, Trent!

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    Remember guys, not everyone surfing the net or particularly Justin Timberlakeâ??s Website, knows how to do that, just too few can do that, and get the mp3 files for free. it’s not a big deal!

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