Firefox Hack: Search My Blog using Keymarks

Matt at The Net Monkey got me thinking today. He was looking up a word using Firefox’s built-in keymarks functionality. I’m not sure if you’ve ever used this but it’s the coolest thing ever. Built in to Firefox are the following keymarks:

  • dict – Dictionary look up
  • google – Google Search
  • quote – Google Search with stocks: operator
  • wp – Wikipedia

What it means is that you can simply look up a word by typing:

dict estuary

Hit enter and you’ve got it! Nice huh? Well even better, you can write your own keymarks in Firefox! Here’s how:

  1. Go to Bookmarks > Organize Bookmarks
  2. Right click on Quick Searches and select New Bookmark
  3. Up comes your dialogue and you can fill it in yourself with %s as your substitution string.

So here’s how you can set up a keymark to search your own blog using WordPress:
Firefox Keymark

Now all I need to do is type:

blog feedburner

And a search result of my site for “feedburner” will come up!

There’s hundreds of ways that you can use this… code searches, technorati searches, alexa searches… just think of all the fun you can have!

UPDATE: Here are some more cool keymarks to add:

WordPress Documentation
Keyword: wp

keyword: dict

Keyword: thes

Google Maps
Keyword: map

Google Codesearch for JavaScript
Keyword: js

Google Codesearch for Java
Keyword: java

Don’t have it?



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