FirehoseChat: Site Chat Integrated with Mac, iPhone and iPad

FirehostChat is a fully native apps with push notifications that’s as easy as texting. You can even receive chat notifications on your iPhone lock screen with their mobile application. Users can be identified by their physical location and you can identify the page they’re on as well as their system info. The paid version comes with fully customizable CSS, multi-user support and your chat history.

You probably get a lot more traffic than you realize, but customers often leave after getting confused and you’re none the wiser. Firehose Chat helps you engage those customers before they leave. You’ll see increased customer satisfaction and find out what the pain points of your website are.

The client comes with quite a nice user interface as well. You can sign up for free at FirehoseChat!

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    FirehoseChat is an well coded, awesome and lightweight tool. We think is the must have tool for all website owners with a OS X System and the need for a beautyfull customer care system. Soon also for iOS! We love it! Stefan from

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