FME Cloud: iPaaS Data Collection and Transformation

fme cloud

FME from Safe Software started as a desktop client to connect visually with hundreds of data sources. FME Cloud is a iPaaS (integration platform as a service) beta platform that allows you design your workflows in SME desktop and publish them to the cloud.

FME Cloud allows you to manipulate data structure and content easily:

  • A simple GUI allows you to configure integrations without any developer support.
  • Unlimited point-and-click connections between 300+ applications
  • Time-saving library of 400+ data transformers
  • Powerful tools for data modeling & validation
  • Business logic & automation
  • True “Set It and Forget It” deployment
  • Triggers handle incoming data updates according to your business rules
  • Notifications deliver new information in real-time to any device
  • All software updates are handled automatically
  • Making changes to your workflows is easy

FME Cloud runs on Amazon Web Services technology and you are billed monthly per data usage costs. If you are paying hourly for the instance you will also be billed monthly for this. If you purchased an annual subscription you will pay the up-front one time payment.


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