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When I wrote the post on the Browser Market Share, a lot of the feedback on the post was that I shouldn’t trust the statistics on I really questioned this feedback… why in the world would statistics vary significantly from website to website?

Well, thanks to contributors… I found out that it really does matter! I dropped good friend Pat Coyle an email and asked if he’d be willing to share some statistics from My thinking was the avid sports fan is probably quite different from someone visiting a site about Web Technologies and would be a good comparison group to measure against. And it was! The following statistics are based on the last 870,000 visitors to Visitor Browser Market Share: Browser Stats - Detailed Visitor Browser Market Share – Overview: Browser Stats

As for JavaScript, it still shows great penetration: JavaScript Stats

Who knew?! I’ll pay much more attention to independent browser share statistics from now on when viewing them rather than making assumptions on overall market share. On a side note, here are the stats for my blog for the last month. I’ve never actually taken a look at them before, but you’ll see quite a difference!

Browser Stats for my Visitors:

My Browser Stats


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    I have heard this too, and while it does make some sense, one could say that every site will generate a different browser spread due to the unique audiences. I’d like to think that if you took all of the stats to the most popular websites and combined them, you’d get what they got. (I haven’t checked on their data source myself).

    I know a lot of bloggers are tuned into Firefox, but the Colts get the general masses.

    Great data set, thanks for sharing. Nice graphs, too 🙂

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    Hey Doug,

    I’m glad you revisited this with different stats to W3Schools, I was about to write a scathing comment on that post!

    The point that has really been uncovered here is that the only stats that matter are the ones for the site you are considering at the time. If for example neither your site nor the Colts site worked in IE, the Colts would have far more problems than you. Each site has to work with it’s audience and the browsers they use.

    As an overall measure of browser share at the moment, just to see how Mozilla are doing, I’d like to see Google’s browser stats!

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    Computer geeks definately use Firefox more than the average shmoe. I use both. I only use IE now cuz I’m accustomed to it, but I am slowly moving more towards Firefox. Especially lately after getting hit by malware twice in one month while using IE.

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    Thanks for this post! All i’ve seen to date are stats from technology heavy sites, thus the users are probably more likely to have a high resolution and another browser besides IE. I’d like to see what the avg screen resolution on is… I really want to get away from desiging for 800x and use 1024x as my baseline

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