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I love sharing some productivity tools that I use to manage the massive inflow of email. A year ago, I recommended (and still use) Evercontact which analyzes email signatures to update contact details. Almost two years ago, I shared – a great system I still use that collects and aggregates emails into a single email to reduce the noise.

Today, I’m sharing FollowUpThen. Here’s a great example of how I use it. We’re working with a prospect or client and they email me and let me know that they’d like to connect with me but they’ll be out of town or are finishing up a project. They ask if I can touch base in a couple of weeks.

No problem, I forward the email to FollowUpThen then schedules the email to come back to me 2 weeks later. No setting reminders on my calendar or adding another task to my task list… just 2 seconds to forward the email.

FollowUpThen even makes it simple by responding to your initial registration with a Reply To All email that adds the most common emails that you’ll be using. This way they popup in your autocomplete in your email client!

To start using FollowUpThen, just compose an email and include [any time] in the CC, BCC or TO fields of your email.

Each method is a bit different:

  • BCC You receive a followup regarding the email, but FollowUpThen won’t email the original recipient.
  • TO Sends an email to your future self.
  • CC Schedules a reminder for you and the recipient.

You can also login to their site and see your pending reminders! If you would like calendar integrations, SMS reminders, response detection or would like to setup a team, FollowUpThen provides some affordable upsell packages.

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