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Forget Blackberry Productivity, Multi-Tasking Wins

Last July I moved to a Blackberry. As time went by and I found and installed applications, it got slower and slower. It was as though Apps were a second thought and the Blackberry was never designed to run them.

Don’t get me wrong, I really loved the stream of Tweets (thanks to the new Twitter app), Facebook updates, calls and text messages in a single window. What I couldn’t handle was trying to clear the alerts to actually answer a phone call. By the time I got to the call, my caller was in voice mail. Nothing could be more frustrating. After all… it’s a PHONE!

The problem is that I need a phone AND the other tools. I need Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Evernote, Maps, Visual voicemail and a ton of other tools to get me through the day. I’m constantly texting my kids and getting messages from clients through everything BUT my phone. I need a machine that can multi-task.

I’m an Apple guy – with 2 MacBookPro’s, a new Time Machine, an AppleTV and a closet full of over Apple oldies. I was a Windows guy for over a decade when friend Bill Dawson talked a company we worked for into getting me my first MacBookPro. I’ve never looked back! I’m not an Apple cult guy or a snob – I recognize that Apple is only really great because they control the hardware AND the software. That’s a big advantage over a company like Microsoft who has to program a bloated Operating system that runs on an infinite amount of hardware.

But I didn’t get an iPhone. I bought a Droid. We already have an iPhone in the house – my daughter wanted one and since she’s got me wrapped around her pinky, I bought it for her. Every time I call her, it sounds like we’re yelling with two tin cans and a string between us. Sorry AT&T, your call quality sucks. I can always tell when I’m calling someone on an iPhone because the ringer sound sounds like an old scratched record playing. It’s really terrible.

I also didn’t pick an iPhone because of the increasingly annoying dictator-style management of Apple when it comes to applications. Their bad-mouthing of Adobe is nothing but poor taste… Adobe has been very good to Apple over the years. I also don’t want to develop apps in Objective C. I tried. It sucks. I’m done.

I’d rather move to a powerful phone with flexibility, great Google integration, and application and customization freedom. I may forfeit some of the productivity I had early on with the Blackberry… but now I have multi-tasking available. I think the combination may be a wash in the long run.

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