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One of the cool things about being a marketing agency and running Martech Zone is that we actually get to use the tools of our clients with our own sites and our own clients' sites. Formstack have been friends since their inception… actually before their inception. I had the pleasure of working with one of the founders a decade ago and loved seeing him jump ship from traditional media and startup Formstack.

Formstack has now grown to over 100,000 users! And we're so incredibly proud to have them as a sponsor of Martech.

There are other form builders out there and there are form builders that are proprietary to specific platforms. Formstack has carved a huge segment of the market because they're truly vendor and platform agnostic. One of the little known keys to Formstack ‘s success, though, is that they've done an incredible job at building productized integrations with other platforms. The list is incredible… and now Formstack has beta released an additional platform called Launch Pad.

Formstack’s new Launch Pad is an integrated platform of online forms, web pages, e-commerce stores, and email marketing tools, geared to taking your small business to the next level. It's a hub of simplified web apps that will make running your business a lot easier. Here's a great user story that Formstack has developed to explain Launch Pad:

Oliver owns a local thrift shop and is an avid Formstack user looking to expand his small business’ online presence. Follow the story of how he used Formstack ’s Launch Pad to take his business to the next level.

  • Deploy – Oliver used the Page tool to quickly create a centralized web presence where visitors can access information about his business and a link to his virtual storefront. Oliver was able to customize his page to match the colors and feel of his brand.
  • Sell – From Oliver’s page, shoppers can access his entire product offering through the Stores tool. Using this tool, Oliver set up individual pages for each of his products, allowing users to browse and place orders in a snap.
  • Communicate – After gathering customer email addresses, Oliver wanted to let them know about future sales and events. He used the Launch Pad to quickly create customized email campaigns that highlighted these items, encouraging his new fans to return to the shop, in-store or online.

With Formstack ’s Launch Pad, you’re able to kick-start (or enhance) your marketing efforts in one centralized platform. It’s simple to manage, takes little time to start, and most of all, it allows you to get back to what you want to be doing. Start a free trial of Launch Pad today… the professional subscription is only $29 per month!

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