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Customer Relationship Management is a key to most organizations, providing them with the customer intelligence and data they need to maintain a good relationship with their customers. Layering social media on top of your customer relationship activities can accelerate your company’s performance and build a much tighter relationship – resulting in more opportunities to communicate with clients outside formal processes and build community.

Emailvision has just released Social CRM for Dummies, a free ebook that will help companies understand the difference between Social CRM and CRM as well as how to leverage social in their CRM efforts.

From the book: Social media and networking have transformed the global economy into something more like a small town marketplace, where community buzz, not marketing buzz, determines whether businesses flourish or fail. Social CRM is a strategic response to this new business environment. With Social CRM:

  • The focus is on community and relationship building.
  • Via social venues, including Facebook and Twitter, customers own and control the conversation.
  • Communications are business-to-consumer but also customer-to-customer and customer-to-prospect.
  • Customer collaborate with businesses directly or indirectly to improve products, services, and the customer experience.
  • Conversation is less formal and more “real”, moving from brand speak to community speak.

The eBook provides all the information necessary – from building a strategy, choosing the right technology, how to leverage the technology, training your employees, measuring results – all the way to how to avoid common pitfalls.

Full disclosure: I got a pre-release version of the eBook and wrote a recommendation for it. Emailvision has also been a client of DK New Media .

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