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Free HostingJust wanted to give you all a heads up! The hosting company that I am working with is offering 12 months of free hosting when you sign up. A friend of mine, Amol Dalvi is the first one testing the deal out. Let me know if you take advantage of the deal and I'll be sure to blog about you to help lift your rank.

I chose my host after a year of jumping from host to host. I put up with downtime, terrible support, slow upgrades, the works… until I went with Jumpline. I found Jumpline by doing some digging on Netcraft where I analyzed hosts with the lowest turnover rates. It wound up that Jumpline had almost no defections and had some of the best uptime in the Internet.

I moved all my sites (about 25) over to Jumpline and have been happy ever since. They run the latest and greatest apps through a convenient VDS. If you want MySQL, just click and it's installed. Want PHP? Same thing. This is the ultimate package for the technophobe who is scared of all this hosting mumbo-jumbo. They are the kind of host you sign up with and forget you ever have to worry about.

To take advantage of the offer, subscribe to my feed and you'll see the ad banner under each post. This offer will be up for the next 2 weeks for my readers. Take advantage of it! No strings attached!


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    Hi Doug,

    I’d just like to say thanks again for recommending Jumpline to me a few weeks ago. Moving my WordPress blog over to the new host was a breeze and the Jumpline user control panel makes it easy to administer stuff like MySQL, email addresses, etc.

    I much prefer the virtual hosting they offer too. I have my own Apache server now, so no more idiots crashing the shared Apache server like I had with my old host 🙂

    I’ve had my blog running on Jumpline for a few weeks now and so far so good.

    Good luck with this promotion.


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    Thanks, Dean! I wouldn’t put my reputation behind a company unless a) I used them and b) I trust them. I have offered up Jumpline in the past to my readers but never this aggressively. I just have read so many horror stories lately of downtime, poor support, and my biggest pet peeve – old versions of software!

    One of the plugins that I wrote I got TONS of feedback that it was broke and didn’t work – when all it really was was old versions of PHP or versions that didn’t have common libraries loaded or enabled.

    So – I decided to put my money where my mouth is. If it doesn’t work out, I’m sure I’ll hear about it!

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    Hmm sounds pretty interesting. I’m looking forward to changing my current host and what better than a word of mouth recommendation from a technology expert. I think imma take advantage of this offer.

    Thanks Doug.

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    Try, It is a good free web hosting directory. I am sure you will find the free web host you are looking for.

    Regards 😉

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