Freshcaller: Virtual Phone System for Remote Sales Teams

Freshcaller Virtual Phone System for Sales

While remote sales teams have grown in popularity with companies, the pandemic and lockdowns shifted the modern sales team to work from home. While the end of lockdowns may shift some to teams to move back to the office, I’m not sure the majority of companies will require that move. The unnecessary expense of a downtown sales office simply won’t have a return on investment that it once did… especially now that companies are comfortable with employees working from home.

While one aspect that skyrocketed in growth was video conferencing, the other necessity for remote sales teams has been call management systems. Remote sales teams require a few calling features when working from home:

  • Call Masking – The ability to make outbound calls with a caller ID that represents the company, not the private number of the sales representative.
  • Call Monitoring – The ability for sales coaches to listen to outbound calls and provide guidance to their sales representatives to improve their sales meetings.
  • Call Reporting – The ability for sales leadership to track outbound call volume to ensure that sales representatives are productive.

Freshcaller: Phone System for Sales Teams

Freshcaller is a virtual phone system that’s built for sales teams. Not only does it have all the core features above, but it’s also a robust phone system that’s perfect for remote sales teams that take inbound and make outbound sales calls. And Freshcaller can all be run from your sales reps’ mobile phone.

Freshcaller has additional features that will drive even more efficiency for your sales teams:

  • Number Porting and Acquisition – Port your current number over to Freshcaller or add local, international, toll-free, or vanity numbers to your business.
  • Call Masking – Give your calls a personal touch by masking your business number with your personal number.
  • Multiple Numbers – Provide your reps with numbers in each country they’re targeting to give credibility to their calls.
  • Voicemail Drop – Add a pre-recorded message at the click of a button to the voicemail inbox of a prospect who couldn’t attend the call.
  • Monitoring & barging – Listen to an ongoing conversation and join the call to provide hands-on assistance to a rep struggling to close the deal.
  • Call Tagging – Require your sales representatives to tag every call with the status of that call so that you can monitor call effectiveness and prospect stage.

freshcaller call tags

  • Mobile app – Give your reps the ability to sell from any location their work takes them, with the Freshcaller app they can make and take calls and create leads on the go.
  • Integration Actions – Create a lead or append a call to an existing lead with the Freshcaller-Freshsales integration. Ensure that every call is logged within your CRM account.
  • Route Calls to Voicemail – Personalize your voicemail greetings, route after-hours calls to voicemail, or automate dropping voicemails.
  • Set Up Split Business Hours – Operate your call center based on specific times and days that suit your business. You can always adjust as you scale.
  • Segment Calls with Multi-Level IVR – Set up a fully flexible PBX system with capabilities to easily route calls to your agents or teams, along with the ability to include self-service options.
  • Scale Up with Shared Lines – Share one phone number across multiple users, and answer incoming phone calls from any phone, anywhere.
  • Create Holidays and Routing Rules – Add a unique list of holidays for every phone number purchased inside your Freshcaller account to plan for incoming calls received during your holidays. Create and manage special routing plans to handle incoming calls during holidays.
  • Set Up Custom Greetings – Use this opportunity to customize hold, queue, or wait time music to showcase new products, services, or announcements.
  • Maximize Responses with Wait Queues – Freshcaller will automatically let callers know their position in the queue while they await their turn to talk with your support team.
  • Block Spam Calls – Automatically prevent spam calls and disconnect such callers from certain regions trying to contact your business.
  • Answer Calls on SIP Phones – Receive your incoming phone calls directly on your SIP devices while still being able to use the Freshcaller dashboard for transfers, notes, etc.
  • Deflect Calls with Voicebots – Empower your business to give your prospects an exhilarating experience with instant answers to their concerns even without an agent.
  • Automate Your Call Distribution – Delight your prospects with fast responses by routing calls to the right sales representatives.
  • Import Your Leads – If you have a list of leads, you can upload them all at once instead of creating each contact separately thus saving your time.
  • Effective Call Queue Management – Set up call queues to receive callers in a streamlined manner, distribute your call load equally, and create queue-based routing rules.
  • Automate Your Call Routing – Create custom routing rules based on inputs from third-party systems such as your CRM or Helpdesk.

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