Gainsight: A Customer Insight and Retention Platform

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Gainsight launched the Spring Release of its Customer Success Management platform, which makes it even easier for marketers to get a 360° customer view and collaborate with other customer success stakeholders across the organization using the power of data analytics.

At larger companies where many different departments – from sales to product development and marketing – marketers are challenged with disparate data points about customer activity, yet must make a joint effort to keep customers happy and engaged. Here’s how Gainsight assists:

  • Adoption Management module enables recurring revenue businesses to measure product usage, adoption and success metrics and use these to drive customer retention workflow across the enterprise.
  • Feedback Management module enables recurring revenue businesses to measure customer health through surveys and take action based upon survey responses – directly from within
  • Lifetime Revenue Management module enables recurring revenue businesses to accurately measure and analyze churn and assess its impact on overall revenue growth and customer lifetime value.
  • Retention Management module enables recurring revenue businesses to standardize and automate workflow for customer retention – directly from within

Gainsight provides customer success stakeholders get a holistic view of the customer lifecycle, resulting in departmental silos, duplicative communications and perfunctory interactions. Gainsight’s new enterprise capabilities help companies deliver value to their largest, most strategic customers. Enterprises drive additional retention and growth revenue with the most current data about their customers at their fingertips and by staying ahead of sponsor departures.

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