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Email Marketing continues to be the highest ROI digital channel at a ratio of 38:1 according to a study by Litmus. The quickest path to growth in the digital world is to grow your email list with engaged, targeted contacts. 

Acquiring those email addresses isn’t easy. Marketers spend a fortune driving traffic to their websites with paid advertising, SEM, SEO, and PR, and only end up capturing email addresses from about 5% of those visitors.

Furthermore, marketers need a more cost-efficient way to retarget web visitors. Facebook and display retargeting are effective, but they’re expensive and you don’t own the traffic. Marketers then pay over and over again to bring that traffic back to their websites. 

The GetEmails Email-Based Retargeting Solution Overview

GetEmails provides a software-as-a-service, cloud-based Email-Based Retargeting solution that allows marketers to identify and capture up to 35% of their anonymous web traffic and acquire email addresses that are not yet on their list. 

For contacts that are collected, GetEmails provides the email, first name, last name, postal record, and landing page, and integrates directly with all major Email Service Providers (like Klayiyo, ActiveCampaign, and Mailchimp). 

GetEmails sends marketers contact records they do not already have, which allows them to retarget web visitors via email and direct mail for a fraction of the cost of acquiring emails through social channels. Full contact records start at around 25 cents per record, and these highly targeted, highly engaged contacts have average open rates of around 20 to 25%. Marketers never pay for a record twice, nor do they pay for records they already have. 

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GetEmails: The Legal Overview

GetEmails is legal in the USA. It is not GDPR or CASL compliant, so the technology is not available in Europe or Canada. The GetEmails database only has US contacts in it.

Contrary to popular belief, the US CAN-SPAM law is opt-out, rather than opt-in. That means as long as you give recipients the opportunity to opt-out of receiving an email, you are CAN-SPAM compliant. For guidelines from the FTC on the US CAN-SPAM law, click here.

What about the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA)? While some parts of CCPA are similar to GDPR, CCPA is not about opt-in Email Marketing. CCPA is about disclosure to consumers and privacy policy changes. GetEmails is CCPA compliant, provided marketers make the requisite privacy policy changes. 

Click here for the GetEmails legal packet, designed to be shared with your legal team.

Email-Based Retargeting Best Practices

Email Marketing is about deliverability, the art and science of getting an email to inbox. Deliverability is about engagement: high open rates, high click rates, low bounces, and low complaints.

Email-Based Retargeting, if done the right way, has great deliverability. Here are some best practices: 

  • Send a Thanks for stopping by the site email
    • For an ecommerce brand, use your normal welcome series, but use this subject line for the first email 
    • For publishers, send an email with this subject line and some of your top content
  • After the welcome email series, add them to your regular mailing list
  • Don’t wait to send to these contacts; set up an automation that sends the welcome email as soon as you receive the data
    • The only situations where GetEmails has seen problems with complaints is when marketers have waited two weeks or longer to send
    • Send while you’re top of mind, don’t wait for the consumer to forget your brand

Here’s a video about what to actually send, along with a few examples:

How GetEmails Works: Infographic

GetEmails - How it Works!

How GetEmails Works: Case Studies

Email-Based Retargeting helps ecommerce brands grow their list at a fraction of the cost of email addresses acquired from social channels.

Freida Rothman saw a 10x ROI on Black Friday. They received leads from GetEmails for 25 cents, and paid an average price of $1.42 on Facebook and Instagram. The GetEmails leads were the only leads that converted. 

Freida Rothman Case Study

GetEmails helps publishers grow their email lists with engaged contacts and fight the chronic attrition problem every publisher experiences.

Prophecy News Watch acquired active clickers for 20% less than they were paying for subscribers through social channels over their first 60 days. Their results included 45,000 email addresses received, 20,000 emails opened (45% open rate) and 11,000 click-throughs (25% click-through rate)

Prophecy News Watch Case Study

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