Getting More Likes For Instagram Ads: 8 Best Practices To Follow

Getting More Likes on Instagram

Competition is heating up on the platform though, and brands are looking to get the most out of their Instagram ad campaigns. One method brands are using to gauge engagement, and brand value is getting more likes. We are going to be talking about strategies that can improve the number of likes you can get for your ads on your brand account.

Get more likes for Instagram ads

Likes are critical to the success of any campaign on Instagram. It shows engagement and intent from the users, which means that you’re moving in the right direction. That said, it can be difficult to get people to like your posts, especially if you’re a brand that is just starting out. We have highlighted some methods that can help you gain the maximum number of likes for your brand.

1. Share High-Quality Photos and Videos 

The best way you can guarantee likes on your account is when you post high-quality content. This is especially true in the case of ads because they will be seen by a lot more people than just your followers. Most brands take a lot of effort to make sure that their ads turn many heads. A well-executed ad campaign has many chances to go viral, catapulting the brand into the limelight. Here is an example for a high-quality ad on Instagram

Instagram Ad Tips

2. Create Good Captions

While Instagram’s main attraction is that it is a captivating image platform, captions come a close second when it comes to brands showcasing their creativity. Good captions are found to increase brand awareness and aid brand recall. Also, a caption is an aspect of your post that you can fall back on to get more likes in case the image isn’t enough. A catchy caption can also get followers commenting, which can considerably improve engagement.

Instagram Ad Strategy

3. Use CTAs And Hashtags Wisely

Hashtags and CTAs (call to action) are great at getting people to engage, provided you use them correctly. Hashtags are a crucial part of the Instagram engagement strategy. To get your ads to people near you, use local hashtags for your Instagram ads. Also, you could look at popular hashtags in your niche to get even more followers for your account. 

CTAs are used to coax people into carrying out a decisive action on your Instagram account. CTAs are contextual, and you need to understand where and how to use them. People will only accede to a CTA if there’s something of value that you are offering to them. Creating a sense of urgency when using CTAs is a good strategy. Phrases like click now to find out more, available only for a limited time are good examples to get people clicking.

4. Find Out Optimal Posting Times

A crucial aspect of drawing more engagement to your account is to make sure that your ad posting times coincide with when your followers are the most active. There is no one “right time to post” on Instagram – it varies with the types of business and target location. That said, the general rule of thumb to attract consumers is to post during off-work hours during a day like lunch (11:00 am to 1:00 pm) or after work (7:00 pm to 9:00 pm). That said, you also need to take into consideration the location you’re targeting as well. There’s also a much more detailed post regarding time to post on Instagram from Hubspot that you can check out.

5. Cross-platform Promotion

Instagram is conducive to cross-platform posting, which makes it a great platform to promote your business on. You can use your Instagram feed as a source for updates on other platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This can especially work in your favor when you are conducting contests. People love winning contests, and so getting the word on other social media platforms can help you get more exposure for your brand. Also, a lot of brand’s use the URL in their bio to link to their Facebook page from where you can direct them to other URLs.

Instagram Ad Cross-Channel Promotion

6. Like And Comment On Related Niches

Another method you can generate interest with related accounts in the same niche is when you take the time to engage with them on their account. Instagram has always worked on a simple rule – engagement for engagement. So when you interact with their account, you are increasing your chances of drawing engagement from them as well. You can also get more followers interested in your account from there, which means more likes for your account in the long run. 

7.  Join An Instagram Engagement Pod 

A pod is a direct message between a group of individuals who are in the same niche on Instagram and want to grow their followers, likes, or views. The basic premise of any pod is that whenever a member of the pod posts new content, the people in the pod are expected to engage with it. This helps the post get to the top of their follower feeds. People have been using pods ever since Instagram has made changes to their algorithm. The update display posts according to popularity rather than chronologically. 

8.  Make Your Ads Visually Enticing

One of the most natural methods to get more likes for your ad is to focus on the quality of the content. You need to make sure that your ads have enough quality to them, so they stand out from the rest of the content. This includes using creative and vivid imagery to capture the attention of the audience. An example of how brands get this done – 

Starbucks had a #FrappuccinoHappyHour campaign which went viral. They accomplished this with bright colors and creative use of the background to create something unique which their followers loved. 

Wrapping Up – Everyone Can Get Likes On Instagram

Follower interactions are a big part of Instagram without a doubt, and Instagram likes are the most common method people use to let brands know they like (no pun intended!) their content. Brands spend substantial sums of money on ads, and sometimes they are not able to get them to work. 

While getting more likes for ads is not complicated, you need to focus on more than a few aspects to make sure get it right. Things like posting times, image quality, and captions are essential things to consider if you want your followers to respond. These tips should give you some ideas about how to get the most out of your Instagram ad campaigns. Do share how you were able to revamp your ad strategy to get better results.

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