Getting Removed from Comcast’s Blacklist

If you’re sending a lot of email from your application of via email marketing, you need to ensure you’re site is whitelisted with the major Internet Service Providers. I’ve previously written about whitelisting with AOL and Yahoo! Today we found out that there may be an issue where our site may be being blocked by Comcast. Comcast does have some info to tell whether or not they are blocking your email.

I’ve written in the past what steps I’ve learned to ensure our site maintains a good reputation, but it’s still possible to have email deliverability issues even though you’re innocent.

A representative from Comcast dropped me an email with a link to Comcast’s Blocked Provider Request Form. I’ve filled it all out, hopefully, this resolves issues we ran into last night where a user was actually unable to even gain access to our application.

I’ve read quite a few nightmares online about Comcast’s DNS blocking. We’re recommending users utilize OpenDNS in the interim.

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