GoDaddy: Leaving the Boobs Behind and Kicking Ass

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I hated GoDaddy. I truly did. I couldn't believe a brand could spend millions of dollars flashing cleavage and continue to build so much business. It was a slap in the face to marketers who worked hard to keep their brands relevant, transparent, professional and helpful to their audiences. It was the easy way out… and it seemed to work. I advised all my clients to utilize other services and stay away.

Over time, though, more and more of our clients were using GoDaddy. And not only were they using the service, they were telling me how great the customer service from the company actually was. So on one side was a company that cared about its customers and the services it was providing… and on the other was a brand and advertising campaign that was juvenile and empty-headed.

But the tide is turning. Friend Christopher Carfi (who has joined GoDaddy's team) put me in touch with their Senior Director of Public Relations, Susie Penner and I subsequently had an incredible conversation with Chief Communications Officer, Karen Tillman. That's right… a Susie and a Karen leading the new communications! Karen isn't the only female in senior leadership. Blake Irving, GoDaddy's new CEO appointed in late 2012 has been making many changes at the company that are advancing the brand… and now GoDaddy is preparing for their IPO.

GoDaddy's advertising is changing as well! They released this SuperBowl advertisement which provides a totally different brand and message to the public, GoDaddy is helping people turn their dreams into business:

With incredible services – from Domains, Hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting, SSL certificates, Microsoft Office 365 hosting, Online Bookkeeping, a Website Builder, Ecommerce and Local Search programs… GoDaddy absolutely has the most affordable tools available to small businesses. Matched with their great service and I'm confident they're moving in the right direction.

While the boobvertising is behind them, that doesn't mean GoDaddy has gone soft! Check out The GoDaddy Manifesto of Kick Ass:

Congratulations, GoDaddy! I think you're already kicking ass.

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