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As marketers, we’re deluged with data. Just yesterday I was developing an SEO progress report that brought me from rank tracking, Webmasters data, Google Analytics data and Hubspot to incorporate the key metrics and align the reporting to ensure it was accurate.

Business Intelligence (BI) solutions have been around in the Enterprise space for quite a while and were typically a client/server installation with long implementation cycles… sometimes years. A BI solution would enable me to output the data from each of those systems and build a central repository that filters, modifies and presents the data in a format that’s more usable.

GoodData is a Software as a Service Business Intelligence Software with the ability to bring in disparate data elements, massage that data, and implement dashboards, key performance indicators (KPIs) and reporting. Here’s a customer speaking to GoodData utilization to develop reports and metrics easily. Be sure to check out GoodData’s Youtube channel – providing tons of webinars and presentations on how to fully leverage their platform.

GoodData Features:

As listed on their features page, here are the key features of GoodData:

  • Dashboards and Reports – Visualize your data with fully customizable canned or dynamic reports and dashboards using pivot tables or charts. Pivot on the fly with a flick of the mouse. Define custom and rule-based formatting templates, drill-down into or across cells, define column aggregates in seconds, get instant spreadsheet region statistics via mouse highlight, drag and drop chart axis configurations and control individual label rotations.
  • Metrics and Key Performance Indicators – GoodData allows users to leverage the power of dozens of pre-defined metrics. GoodData can also create custom metrics that address unique business circumstances, define KPIs and track performance against goals.
  • Ad Hoc Analysis – Perform trending analysis on time-based snapshots. Slice and dice data using an intuitive “what and how” interface and define custom and global/local metrics, filters and much more. Use the filter helper to automatically plug in selection, ranking, range or variable filters. Perform what-if analysis via guided navigation or get down and dirty with a powerful yet readable multi-dimensional language.
  • Collaboration and Sharing – Collaborate and share projects, reports and results with colleagues and management in real-time. Track and audit project history. Annotate and tag reports on the fly. Invite people into your projects to discuss and share progress. Encourage participation in real-time. Embed or email reports and dashboards using distribution lists.
  • Pre-Built Apps – GoodData apps automatically connect with common data sources like Google Analytics, Salesforce and Zendesk, and since they are all built on the GoodData platform, you can extend them easily by adding data or customizing metrics that reflect your unique business requirements.

If you’re an online technology with data, you can also become a data partner with GoodData. GoodData offers the ability to develop a complete analytics product into the market within 90 days without major engineering effort. Your customers get full access to all of GoodData’s platform: pre-built dashboards, advanced visualization, slice and dice, custom metrics, collaboration and more.

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