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How does Google Adwords Adrank Work?

We’ve seen too many clients coming to us after losing tons of money running their pay per click (PPC) campaigns on their own. It’s not that they didn’t pay attention or manage the accounts appropriately, it’s simply that they didn’t know how to impact their results and actually improve them. Most people believe pay per click is simply a bidding war and don’t even realize that, by improving the quality of their ads, they can rank higher than the highest bidder! PPC management requires a lot of attention and experience if you’d like to truly leverage it, keep costs down, and move your conversion rates higher!

The folks at Pulpmedia have put together this infographic that explains the complexity of Google Adwords, Adrank, and how your advertisement can rank higher.
howdoesgoogleadwordswork 900

Chris Bross

Chris is a partner of EverEffect, specializing in Pay Per Click Account Management, SEO Consulting, and Web Analytics. Chris has over 16 years of Internet experience with Fortune 500 companies and expertise in directing and implementing online experiences to promote business, products and services.

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