A Great Tool to Troubleshoot Google Analytics Tracking Codes

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Oh, those smarties at Google with all their tools! Last week, a client was having some issues with their Google Analytics tracking, trying to segment visitors that were logged in versus those who were not. Central to the troubleshooting was ensuring the right events and data were being passed in to Google. I showed him how I would troubleshoot using the Network tab in Google Chrome’s Developer Tools.

This weekend, he showed me one better… Google has it’s own Chrome plugin, the Google Analytics Debugger. Basically, when you turn the debugger on, all of the variables that are sent to Google are nicely organized in your JavaScript Console of your Chrome Developer tools:

Google Analytics Tracking Pixel Debugger

Some of the reviews are spotty… questioning whether or not it supports Universal Analytics (it states that it does). We’re not upgraded to Universal Analytics (yet) but it appears to be working okay for me.

What do you think?

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