Google Analytics gets a Pretty Reporting Interface (Beta)

Just received a note in my inbox and a fantastic surprise when I opened up Google Analytics. They’ve got a beta reporting interface live that is very striking. To be honest, I was really starting to like Clicky because of the great reporting. This may keep me sticking to Google, though!

Google Analytics Beta Reporting

Here’s a link to a Product Tour for the new Google Analytics Beta Reporting.

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    I look forward to seeing this in action when my account is switched over to the new version. It looks pretty slick.

    I’m sure you won’t ditch Clicky, just remember those easy hyperlinks that take you straight to the point where you visitor came from, and the Feedburner integration 😉

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    I’m using Clicky through Performancing.com. I really like it so far and I got a year free of the premium service for reviewing them on my blog. I am wondering if Google is starting to get worried because of all the Stat services popping up that look so much better and are so much easier to work with.

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