How to Use Google Analytics to Improve Your Marketing Efforts

improve marketing google analytics

Sometimes I think they should change the name of analytics to questionalytics because analytics doesn’t ever seem to provide the analysis you’re looking for… it often generates more questions. If you don’t understand the data behind the filters, segments, and charts – you may be making some terrible assumptions based on how you pull specific reports.

Case in point, the folks at Quicksprout provide this alarming statistic:

80% of retailers are using Google Analytics incorrectly.

Neil Patel, Quicksprout

The infographic walks users through how to improve metrics by analyzing the appropriate reports, including:

  1. Increase organic traffic using SEO queries and landing page reports.
  2. Increase organic traffic using traffic sources keywords report.
  3. Spend more time focused on driving additional traffic using the traffic sources top referrers report.
  4. Produce more content that resonates with your audience using the content overview report.
  5. Remove bottlenecks through users flow report.
  6. Optimize for mobile through mobile report.
  7. Use custom reports for unique insights.
  8. Personalize content and offers using the audience reports.

How to Use Google Analytics to Improve Marketing

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