Google Co-Occurrence: Already Smarter than You Think

google co occurrence

I was recently doing some testing of Google Search Engine Results. I searched for the term WordPress. The result for caught my attention. Google listed WordPress with the description Semantic Personal Publishing Platform:


Notice the snippet provided by Google. This text is not found in In fact, the site doesn’t provide a meta description at all! How did Google pick that meaningful text? Believe it or not, it found the description from one of the 4,520,000 pages describing WordPress.


I looked at one of the results.


That is Co-Occurrence at work!

Co-Occurrence is a technology patented by Google. Co-occurrence can help pages rank for terms which are not found in the title tag, anchor text or even in the page content. This happens when high authority pages describe your site and Google identifies word relationships that convince the algorithm that the description is more accurate than what is found in the site itself. This mentioning can be with or without links pointing to your site.

In this case Google has used the description about WordPress found in other websites to provide the snippet!

This is one of the reasons why we have our clients focus on writing great and remarkable content rather than focus on the actual keywords utilized. If you write remarkable content, Google will utilize other sites that refer to your content to determine what search results to index the content into… or even to develop the snippet to describe the page. If you try and force the content, making it less remarkable – you won’t even rank for the terms you’d like to.

What do you think?

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