Is the Google Cookie Crumbling?

Google ErrorI have this theory that nothing is infinitely scalable. Successful businesses often outpace their ability to manage the growth, technologies that work great at a small scale seldom do the job at a huge scale… even employees are often promoted beyond their capabilities.

Google has seen unprecedented growth the last decade.  For quite a while we’ve held them up to the spotlight and used them as our gauge of success.  Yesterday, we lowered the bar though, beginning to investigate outside our walls and taking a harder look at Google when something out of the ordinary happens.

Recent Google Fails:

  • Today I was going to comment on my friend Erik’s blog on Blogger (Man assaults girlfriend with cheeseburger), but I could not get the comments page to even load.
  • For a couple days, we could not register any sites with Google Search Console.  The site continued to give us a verification error that we were returning incorrect status codes on our 404 (not found pages).  In fact, our corporate blogging platform was returning the appropriate codes. A day or so later, all was well again!
  • Google Reader always seems to be looping on me, showing me feeds that I’ve already read… over and over and over again.
  • We implemented a Google Analytics account for a client this week that showed the site was verified on one page, not verified on another page, and was not taking any stats. We had to delete the account and start over.
  • feedburnerUPDATE: 12/21 – Ever since converting my feed to Google, I can’t login and get my stats and my older feed address never updates.

The only thing Google seems to never fail at is displaying relevant advertising. Hmmmm.


  1. 1

    Nice to know that Google hasn’t yet failed to deliver ads to us. I could understand some of the free services being down occasionally, but what worries me is when their “business class” apps (hosted mail, apps, etc) start being down for hours or days at a time. With no mention of why or when they will be back up. That’s lost time, which in my business means lost money. The very money I’m supposedly saving by not running my own stuff.

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    I’ve been experiencing some issues with my blogger as well. Not to mention, my Google Alerts are going bonkers. Glad to know I’m not the only one noticing this!

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