Call me when you’re out of Beta, Google Gears!

Google Gears BetaWell I’m not sure what in the heck is packed into Google Gears for its Beta release, but I think they should move back to Alpha.

I started running Google Gears about a week ago to test out the offline functionality of applications like Google Reader. I didn’t immediately notice any issues running the add-on, but over the week I had to force quit Firefox more and more and more.

Eventually, just having a single page open (that has nothing to do with offline viewing) would cause Firefox to freeze up. The other night I noticed it while using Yahoo Webmessenger. I was curious if it was Yahoo that was causing me issues. Today I stopped using it and still had issues. I disabled Google Gears after Firefox would freeze up every few minutes and voila! I’m free again.

Sorry, Google. Get your butts back in the campus, order some pizza, and cut off the massage coupons for this team – they need to get back to work!


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    When I was having my quick play with Gears I did find a number of strange things going on but I put it down to the fact I was developing and that there would be side effects, I also ended up uninstalling it as already have too many firefox add-ons installed.

    I do find that firefox itself gets more unreliable the more add-ons you have at once, not sure if this down to memory leaks or just general slow down.

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    only google has the guts to release beta software at such a large scale.

    we once tried releasing beta software and many shareware sites refused to accept the software…saying that it may cause instability on user’s machine.

    But same site will be more than happy to publish beta stuff from big guys 🙂

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    Spot on!
    I have had similiar issues. Infact, I have stopped using firefox… in the end I knew it was gears and disabled all add-ons …to confirm that it was the add-ons proble,\n.
    Turned back others gradually sans gears. Somehow firefox is still botched. 🙂

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