Google Launches Google Tag Manager

google tag manager

If you’ve ever worked on a client site and had to add conversion code from Adwords into a template but only when that template was displayed with certain criteria, you know the headaches of tagging pages!

Tags are tiny bits of website code that can help provide useful insights, but they can also cause challenges. Too many tags can make sites slow and clunky; incorrectly applied tags can distort your measurement; and it can be time-consuming for the IT department or webmaster team to add new tags—leading to lost time, lost data, and lost conversions.

Today, Google announced Google Tag Manager. This is a tool that’s going to make tagging pages so much easier for everyone!

Google Tag Manager features as listed on their site:

  • Marketing agility – You can launch new tags with just a few clicks. This means remarketing and other data-driven programs are finally in your hands; no more waiting weeks (or months) for website code updates—and missing valuable marketing and sales opportunities in the process.
  • Dependable data – Google Tag Manager’s easy-to-use error checking and speedy tag loading mean you’ll always know that every tag works. Being able to collect reliable data from your entire website and all your domains means more knowledgeable decisions and better campaign execution.
  • Quick and easy – Google Tag Manager is quick, intuitive, and designed to let marketers add or change tags whenever they want, while also giving their IT and webmaster colleagues confidence that the site is running smoothly—and loading quickly—so that your users are never left hanging.


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    I haven’t tried this one, and I just heard it from you. Thanks for pointing this out, tagging makes easy on every pages. Do they launch a plug-in also on WordPress for tagging?

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