Google Map API: Find, Drag and Update My Location

Click Here to see!I purchased Google Map Hacks yesterday but am a little disappointed in the book. It's not the fault of the author, but the book is pretty much already out of date since the release of Google's Geocoder and Google's version 2 of it's API.

There were quite a few links in the books so I was able to check out a bunch of sites and see how they've adapted to the new releases. I am building out map integration for a new site that I'm building. The first step will be for a local to be able to put in their address on a map and then update their location if the marker isn't at the perfect position.

Some enhancements I've done:

  • Using the V2 Geocoder
  • Using the drag functionality on the map
  • Updating the latitude and longitude in a form field (these can be hidden of course)
  • Rounding the latitude and longitude to a 8 digit precision
  • Disabling the form so the person can't add more than one location

Click HERE for a working DEMO.

I designed my own markers for an advanced option. Please leave a comment to this entry if you're ‘borrowing' my code or if you enhance it somehow. I'd love to see what you are going to do. My next steps are for the user to select what kind of marker they would like as well as putting a thumbnail image on the info window.

Feel free to use the code – you can donate a thank-you to my Paypal.

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