Add Your Floor Plan to Google Maps

google maps floor plans

Whether you're a mall that wishes to map your stores, a retail outlet that wants to map your departments, or a commercial building that wishes to map out its tenants, it's time to submit your floor plans to Google Maps Floor Plans.

You may have noticed that some retail outlets, like malls, have started to map out the establishments inside the mall. So far, they don't appear to be too accurate, though, and perhaps that's why Google is opening it up to users to upload their own floor plans! This image of our local mall doesn't appear to have the latest shops – and the locations of those shops are very inaccurate.

greenwood mall floor plan

If you don't have standard images of your floor plans to upload, you need not worry. You can build out your floor plan utilizing a tool like Gliffy.

gliffy floor plan creator

Once you've got the floor plan looking good, you just need to export it as a standard image file. Export the floor plan, upload it through Google Maps Floor Plans, and overlay it on the property.

As mobile apps get more and more accurate, and the adoption of maps and geolocation services skyrocket, why not ensure that your floor plans are accurately displayed! That can bring more traffic to your establishment… without the frustration of not finding it on the map!

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