Mobile Video Ads Are About The Story Without The Sale

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Google just released the results of a new experiment that’s quite impressive and should be watched by anyone looking to expand its video reach to the mobile device. Simply put, the in your face advertising model of yesterday just doesn’t work on our mobile device.

Working with Mountain Dew, BBDO produced three different videos. The first was putting a television ad on the mobile device. The second was throwing ad placement immediately for mobile viewers that would drop out. The third video didn’t push the product, but the story, resulting on 26% of the mobile viewers watching the video and over half of them remembering the brand.

If this doesn’t seem remarkable… keep in mind that the third experiment is 30 seconds longer than the other two!

Three Opportunities Discovered with the Experiment

  1. The unexpected may be powerful. People will stay with you.
  2. Take the time for your story. Don’t just jam in your brand before they skip.
  3. It doesn’t need to look like an ad to move your brand.

The Original

“The Original” served as the control in Google’s experiment. It’s a 30-second spot starring three guys who grab a Mountain Dew Kickstart, start dancing, and everything in the basement—from the overstuffed chair to the dog—joins in. Then the guys head out for whatever comes next.

The Big Punch

This 31-second mobile ad recut starts with a big, bold product shot and a countdown, signaling that something cool is about to happen. Viewers are then dropped into the middle of the action and the story unfolds from there.

Pure Fun

The “Pure Fun” recut drops viewers into the middle of the action with no music or any real sense of what’s happening. Then the music kicks in and the ad shows different dancing elements. It’s significantly longer than the first two ads at 1 minute, 33 seconds.

What do you think?

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