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I’ll leave it to others to argue whether or not Google+ is a success. I happen to love Google+ because it’s a small community that’s highly communicative. While it may not have a ton of people (it is growing like crazy), there’s an incredible opportunity to be heard. When clients and colleagues argue with me about the size of the community, I’m always amazed. Time over time, it’s been proven that early adoption offers the opportunity to acquire a community much faster. If you wait for everyone to adopt the technology… you’re competing with everyone else. Good luck with that!

If you’re a Google+ user, you can help drive attention to the community now by customizing a badge to put on your site. I’m incorporating it directly in this post and in the footer of the site. Just navigate to the badge plugin page and follow the instructions.

There are small badges that are simply the Google+ icon all the way up to large plugins that you can customize the width of and easily copy and paste into your site. You can also have the badge point to your personal Google+ profile or to your Google+ page.

The full size of the badge even offers the ability for the visitor to select a circle to place you in, and for you to see other folks in your circles that also like the site!

google plus badge

Google did a nice job with the badge, making it asynchronous so that it doesn’t slow down your site. Pick up your badge today!


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