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How to Improve Engagement on Google+

How’s your engagement on Google+? Mine sucks… honestly. I find very few conversations in Google+ and my social time is swamped with Facebook and Twitter. I’m struggling with Google+ even though I really do like the platform and the continued integrations and optimization they’re doing. Maybe this infographic from Irfan Ahmad will motivate me to reserve some time again!

A key metric that Irfan points to is that interactions on Google+ are right in that sweet spot on engagement between Twitter and Facebook – resulting in high quality traffic. Irfan provides all of the keys to how to fully engage on Google+ in his infographic – starting with filling out your profile, managing circles, keep active, join communities and share, share, share!

The infographic even breaks down the anatomy of an engaging Google+ post – including use of imagery, hashtags, tagging, formatting and the balance content that you’re sharing on your profile and business pages.


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