Google+ Circles Could Eclipse Facebook

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It’s difficult to steal market share when your competitor owns so much of the real estate. Google+ is going to have a tough job ahead of it grabbing share from Facebook… but on the Internet users are fickle and there are many examples where the best app didn’t win. However, this may be an exception with Google+.

Introducing Google+ (click through to the post to view the Google+ videos):

When I speak about social media networks fatal flaw, I’ve always mentioned the fact that they tend to dump us into a single network, regardless of relationships. Google+ corrected this with Circles – a means to custom categorize every person you know on the network… and only share the information you would like to with each:

Finally! You can keep your work, family and high school friends separate from one another! It’s a fantastic feature and is implemented nicely. In fact, Google+ may be Google’s most beautifully designed application – both on the desktop and on the Droid phone (iPhone app is forthcoming). Everything is smooth, no clutter, and easy to navigate and find. I found myself naturally discovering how to do things without any need for assistance.

Many people have ridiculed me when I said that Facebook would be replaced some day. I’m not sure that Google+ is the replacement, but I do believe the chances are 50/50. The application has the best features of Facebook while making it easier to use and implementing Circles and Huddles.

And Sparks…

And Hangouts…

And Instant Upload…

At any rate, I am excited to see some competition out there for Facebook… even if it is the Google monopoly bringing it to market. It remains to be seen whether or not the momentum of Facebook is simply too strong… we’ll soon see!


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    No it couldn’t. Google is not a social network. It never will be. It’s a place to share content more purposefully. It’s completely different than a social network.

    But more importantly, it doesn’t have to replace Facebook. They can co-exist just fine. Why does everyone think this is an end sum game?

    • 2

      Hmmm… I disagree on both accounts. I suppose you could argue that it’s not technically a ‘social network’ since that’s composed of people… not software. But that’s splitting hairs… it’s pretty common for people to call Facebook the social network (I think there was a movie named that)… and Google+ has all the same makings.

      On point two, co-existence for geeks like us may work… but the average consumer is going to make a choice. If that weren’t the case, Bulletin Boards, Xanga and MySpace would still be flourishing. We have limited time… and unless the two can fully integrate with one another (doubtful), consumers will make a choice of where to best spend their time.

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