Martech Zone on Google+


If you’ve not joined the cool kids on Google+, it’s time to get over there. Google+ just launched business pages and the Martech Zone is ready to go!

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create google plus pageOnce you sign up for Google+, you’ll find the link to create your Google+ page in the right sidebar. The wizard walks you through customizing and setting up the page and it’s pretty easy.

marketing technology blog google plusWhat wasn’t easy to figure out was how to get back to my page and customize it after I built it. It winds up that there’s this tiny arrow under your name on your Google+ home page that you click to see your pages. After you click that, you can then select the page you’ve created and either customize your page… or use Google+ as that page. Funky… but it works.

If you do add a Google+ page, be sure to link your site to Google+ by generating a Google badge. You don’t actually have to add the image, you could simply go with a link within the header of your site that designates you as the publisher.

<link href="{plusPageUrl}" rel="publisher" />

The noise of power-whiners is already deafening as Google+ rolls out these new features. Hopefully Google doesn’t cave into criticism and continues to push improvements to the features. A key issue right now is that a Google+ page can only have one owner… something that’s not good for a business. Additionally, I’m looking forward to seeing how Google business places fits into a Google+ page.

As for the question, should you be on Google+? My observation is that there is a greater opportunity for brands and businesses to get a head start on their competition while Google+ is just ramping up (with over 40 million users!). Don’t think that this is a war that either Facebook or Google+ has to win or lose, though. Google has the advantage of running nearly everything on the Internet outside of Facebook. Facebook has a head start but Google+ can easily catch up by making Google+ integrated with everything we do… from search, to mail, to advertising.

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