Google+ User Stats

google demographics

It’s always interesting to me when folks question whether Google+ is going to make it or not. This infographic from Flowtown by Column Five questions it as well, noting that only 17% of users are active on the network. While that’s true, the Google+ gates have barely opened yet. Think about mass audience that Google reaches through Blogger, Apps, YouTube and its search engine – all platforms that competitors like Facebook can not compete. Then start to think about social conversation could be wrapped into each of these. Once you do, the numbers get big, real big.

google user infographic

Of course, with 27 million users right now… that means about 4.6 million are active on any specific day. I don’t know about you, but I’d love to have those kinds of stats and could build a thriving business off of that kind of audience. Don’t write Google+ off any time soon!

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