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reviews that matter

Not too long ago we had a fantastic interview with Daniel Lemin, the author of ManipuRATED: How Business Owners Can Fight Fraudulent Online Ratings and Reviews. He spoke to the importance of capturing reviews in order to have both fresh reviews and to combat any negative reviews that may occasionally arise.

Is there a better time to capture a great review than just after a satisfied customer leaves your business? Probably not – so why not implement a process that drives more reviews and does it easily. Reviews that Matter sends a link via SMS to your patron. When the patron opens up the resulting landing page, the page produces native links for the Yelp mobile application or Google Mobile Application on their smartphone.

Because the apps are already logged in, this reduces the number of steps it requires to move a customer from happy… to documented! Capturing every positive review has an impact on your business, so why not capture it every time? This is often advantageous for review algorithms as well – which place an emphasis on the recency of reviews, not just the quantity of them.

Reviews That Matter Includes

  • Deep-linking cell phone technology
  • Integration of your YELP! and Google accounts
  • Aggregation of all your reviews on one web page for added distribution
  • Follow-up email review system
  • Monthly reporting
  • Ongoing goal setting and team training
  • Printed Starter Kit

Reviews That Matter Press Kit

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