A #1 Rank on Google Results in a 18.2% CTR

ctr curve 2 seomoz

What was the observed click-through rate (CTR) curve for organic U.S. results for positions #1-10 in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP)? Slingshot SEO has done an extensive analysis in which data was generated using more than 170,000 actual user visits across 324 stable ranked keywords over a 6-month period. Based on the data, Slingshot SEO observed the following curve for Exact CTR.

ctr curve 2 seomoz

I often see SEO companies advertise ‘page 1’ results for their clients. If you take the study into consideration, that’s like promising their clients a 1% click-through rate. Is that really impressive? It goes to show that an investment in a company that can drive you into the number 1 position is well worth the investment when the search volume is there to support your business. This is an incredible study.

One observation of their study is that their click-through rates are lower than previous studies. While they account for this on the dataset, I would add that I believe Google’s reported keyword search volumes to be inaccurate. One example is the term: who retweeted me. Google provides a search volume of 1900 searches but Webmasters shows a monthly impression volume of 1,300. That’s a huge disparity between the two numbers. It causes a lot of confusion with our clients when they’re ranking high but not getting the actual traffic that Google suggests is there!

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    I have heard from many of the people that google shows the inaccurate result but none of us do not have even try that why this happen and what we think is right or wrong. In real google shows the inaccurate result or we are wrong. Because in competition for getting higher rank and traffic we have loss the quality with quantity. So is this happen because of it or google is wrong. Now we have to find the actual reason behind this cause.
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      @twitter-90853096:disqus We actually wrote a newer post that may provide some insight… our organic ranking shows that the majority of our visits from search engines come from SERP entries much deeper than these.  While a #1 rank is great, it’s only great if it’s extremely relevant to the products and services you’re promoting.

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