Graava: An Intelligent Video Camera that Automatically Edits


In 2012 Bruno Gregory was hit by a car while riding his bike. The driver left the seen but Bruno was able to identify and get the driver convicted because he had a camera that recorded the event. The next year, he came up with the idea of utilizing sensors and machine learning to develop a camera that automatically only captures the events that matter rather than recording hours of unnecessary video, then having to step through it to edit together the moments that mattered.

The result was Graava, a high-definition (1080p 30fps) camera that includes GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, an accelerometer, a gyro sensor, 2 high quality microphones, a light sensor, an image sensor, a speaker and even an optional heart rate monitor. The camera is water-resistant and has a micro SD slot and micro HDMI slot.

Here’s a visualization of how Grava is determining the video to save

And here’s the best 30 seconds, combine with music via the app.

The Graava app allows you to share your videos, back them up, control the camera remotely, and control the camera settings.

Graava App

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